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Gut Health


Gut Health, the digestive health training course is published by Udemy Academy. Your gut is the gateway to health. The world’s leading gut health experts teach you how to improve your health, starting with what’s inside you. Our digestive system has been compromised by modern life and now chronic health issues are on the rise. But there is good news. We can repair our gut and help improve overall health in the process. By making smarter food choices and simple lifestyle changes, you can feed the complex ecosystem of bacteria in your gut to help it perform at its best and help you feel your best. Sit back and learn from the world’s leading gut health experts.

What you will learn

  • Discover the vast ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, microbes, life in the gut, how it helps your brain and body function better, and simple guidelines to help nurture this microcosm with the world’s leading experts in gut health.
  • Learn how today’s industrial food system has harmed the community of beneficial bacteria living inside you. Also, take control of your gut with recipes and foods that can help you keep your microbiome healthy.
  • Some other ways to deal with various bacteria: not being very hygienic or through easy fermentation recipes. Creating diversity in the gut is a good way to be healthy.

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Gut Health

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