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MindView is a very suitable software for holding brainstorming sessions and recording and managing ideas. Brainstorming refers to brainstorming sessions in which several people start thinking about an initial raw idea, a challenge or a specific issue and present their solutions and ideas. Usually, in these meetings, each of the members record their mental ideas on paper and at the end, by analyzing all the ideas, they write down the final conclusion. These days, thanks to technology and various software solutions, it is better to look around in the world of information technology before using traditional methods, maybe a better solution to our problem will be found.

MindView is a suitable solution to replace or assist the process of brainstorming sessions. We have the right to make mistakes in this program. We have infinite empty space. We can make infinite edits at any point. Here we can add colors and graphic images, video and sounds to our intellectual ideas. It is possible to use more comments and explanations next to the registered ideas. I can take the intended output and use it in office software. It is possible to combine different ideas of members. It is possible to classify ideas. You can create classifications and put related ideas in the corresponding class.

In this software, we can search among all the registered ideas and contents with its advanced search. Plan to implement different ideas. Display information in orderly tables and many other features. Which of these features can we do on paper? It seems unlikely that paper will one day be removed from the organization and our human lives, but its role in the future is likely to be diminished. So we recommend you to keep up with the technology from now on so as not to fall behind the caravan.

required system

– Windows® Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 or higher
– 250 MB disk space
– Microsoft Office 2007 or newer


Installation guide

For version 7, after installation, copy and paste the file in the Crack folder to the program installation location. Version 6 is registered using Keygen.

download link

Download MatchWare MindView 9.0.40514 Multilingual x64

Download MatchWare MindView 8.0 Build 28556 Multilingual x64

Download MatchWare MindView 8.0.23084

Download MatchWare MindView 7.0 Build 18668

Download MatchWare MindView 6.0.7996 Business Edition

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