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MecaStack is a widely used software in the world for personal design of steel stack and guy wire. An easy-to-use Windows-based interface that allows designers to quickly model a stack. A 3D model of the stack is automatically displayed on the screen, providing a visual overview of the entered information. Full user control over the code is used for long curvature, across curvature, stress and wear. You can customize the loaded combinations and agents according to your needs. The output is easy to navigate, the problem area can be determined quickly, and the designer can choose the calculations that are presented to the client.

Features and features of the MecaStack program:

  • Configurable output, select output displayed before analysis
  • Select from a table of contents which items are going to be presented in the final report.
  • Click on any of the contents of the table to take the user to that section directly. The section corresponding to the “Pass” or “Fail” criterion is color-coded, allowing users to determine any issues with the stack.
  • Frequency calculation for high modes
  • Switch between units Imperial and metric
  • Raise the stack analysis
  • P-Delta analysis
  • Determine the altitude
  • Programmable load combinations
  • three-dimensional design
  • Add variable STS criterion
  • File history
  • Output as solid models
  • Providing modules capable of personal design of steel stacks and tensioned cables
  • Get free technical support and software updates during the maintenance period

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Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download MecaStack v5630

Download MecaStack Version 5486

Download MecaStack

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