Download Mobile Bank Mellat 1.2.9 for Android 5 and above

نمایه بانک ملت


• In order to provide a suitable platform for the development of services and provide more and better services to Bank Mellat customers in the mobile platform and in line with the use of up-to-date technologies in the field of mobile phones, a new version of mobile bank Mellat is available to customers.

Services provided in this version:

  • Displaying unlimited deposits, facilities and cards
  • Account balance information
  • Account circulation information
  • Payment of all types of service bills in groups and individually
  • Types of national and interbank remittances (cloud-based)
  • Repayment of installments
  • Buy regular/online recharge
  • Issuance of cash withdrawal without card
  • Access card deactivation
  • Cancel paya transfer
  • Provision of returned check balance
  • Request a checkbook
  • Buy Irancell internet package
  • Receive Shaba code
  • Receive exchange rates
  • Manage favorites
  • Change username
  • Change password
  • Search in the archive
  • Prioritizing accounts (PIN TO TOP)
  • Fingerprint login
  • Regular repayment of installments
  • Cancellation of regular repayment of installments
  • Returned check balance supply report
  • Inquiring about the purchase of normal and online charging
  • List of services in the first login after installation
  • The nearest branch
  • Cancellation of withdrawal without card
  • Access card cancellation
  • Facility billing
  • Payment bank services – automatic charging
  • Calculation of interest and the amount of each installment
  • Connecting/disconnecting the sub account to/from the card

Important note:

After installing the new version of Bank Mellat Mobile, the previous version of Bank Mobile will be disabled and it will not be possible to use it. If for any reason you want to benefit from the previous version, you should go to the bank branches or internet banking site to receive the mobile bank code and perform the installation process.

The latest changes with Bank Mellat version 1.1.7 for Android and version 1.0.8 for iPhone are as follows:

Bank Mellat’s mobile services on the Internet:

  1. Regular remittance
  2. Cancellation of regular remittance
  3. Change of checkbook request service for foreign nationals
  4. Ban card case charge
  5. Ban card activation
  6. Application for issuance of access card/ family card nation
  7. Assignment checks
  8. Request for a checkbook in the archive
  9. Receive the second password of the card
  10. Pay the bill by card
  11. Buy recharge online with card
  12. Installment payment by card
  13. Changes related to the period of card circulation
  14. Selected services
  15. Modify balance display for shared account
  16. Modify circulation for shared account
  17. Changes related to nfc service

Bank Mellat’s mobile services on the SMS platform:

  1. Cancellation of regular repayment of installments
  2. Cancel paya transfer
  3. Automatic fee renewal
  4. Change of checkbook request service for foreigners / inclusive
  5. Modify circulation for shared account

Plus Mellat mobile services:

  1. Card by card
  2. Bill payment from Hasta card/wallet
  3. Recharge SIM card from Accelerated Card/Wallet
  4. Parking
  5. Receive Shaba Mellat centralized card / Mellat account
  6. branch finder
  7. Mobile to mobile
  8. Payment of installments from Shatabdi card
  9. Increase wallet balance
  10. Transfer the balance of the wallet to Mellat account / Mellat centralized card instantly and at the same time as other banks
  11. Cancellation of the wallet
  12. the payment
  13. Management of origin and destination card, Sheba and Mellat account
  14. Password definition
  15. archive
  16. Wallet circulation
  17. Mobile bill from Hasta card/wallet
  18. Repeat transaction
  19. Business (creating barcodes – editing barcodes)
  20. Barcode reader
  21. Wallet balance
  22. Notifications (receive receipts from mobile to mobile – barcode reader (withdrawal and deposit) as PUSH)
  23. Buy mobile first and Irancell internet package from Shatabhi card/wallet
  24. Settings

required system

Android 4.2 and up


Installation guide

How to activate the service:
In order to activate the mentioned service, it is enough to download and install the following software. After installing the software and for activation, you must complete the relevant fields according to the instructions below.

Mobile phone: *********09
ID: phone number with zero
Password: If you are currently using Bank Mellat’s mobile software, you must enter the bank’s mobile password in the appropriate place. Otherwise, please go to Bank Mellat branches to receive Bank Mellat’s mobile code.

Note: In order to facilitate the installation of Mobile Bank-new version, there is no need to receive the exchange key from the Mobile Bank site.

If you wish, you can change your ID and password from the settings after entering the system.

download link

Download Mobile Bank Mellat 1.2.9 for Android 5 and above

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