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NDepend is a powerful plugin with many features for the Visual Studio environment. Programmers always use different tools to improve their productivity and efficiency. .NET programmers are no exception to this rule, most .NET programmers are from the integrated programming environment. Visual Studio use, this environment in itself is considered one of Microsoft’s powerful and smart IDEs, and its prominent advantage is the many plugins and peripheral tools available.

Different companies have implemented different plugins and tools for this environment. NDepend is also one of the advanced plugins for Visual Studio, like the Resharper plugin, which is more precisely considered a static analyzer for managed .NET codes. The meaning of static analysis is that before compiling the code and in the coding environment, this plugin gives a smart suggestion to the programmer and increases the coding process, its speed and productivity.

This tool includes a wide range of code measurement metrics that allow you to see the dependencies of different parts of the code through colored graphs and dependency matrices. This tool also has the possibility of comparing code snapshots and validating the code in terms of coding rules and standards or from the point of view of structure and architecture. You can also write new rules through linq queries and add them to this tool, known as CQLinq. This tool has a lot of CQLinq ready by default. These rules are automatically displayed to the user in Visual Studio or can be used in continuous integration tools.

Features and features of the NDepend plugin:

  • Visualizing the dependence of different parts of the code on each other through graphs and matrices
  • Support for 82 different metrics, including complexity index, intertwining, code test coverage percentage, etc.
  • Using declarative rules by LINQ queries under CQLinq
  • Ability to combine with famous CIs such as TeamCity and CruiseControl
  • The possibility of comparing two different versions of an assembly
  • And…

required system

Windows 10 64 bit • Windows 10 • Windows 8 64 bit • Windows 8 • Windows 7 64 bit • Windows 7 • Windows Vista 64 bit • Windows Vista • Windows XP


Installation guide

It is given in the readme file.

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Download NDepend 2018.2.1.9119

Download NDepend 2018.2.1 Professional Developer Edition

Download NDepend 2018.1.0.9030 for Visual Studio 2017 Only

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