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Net Core - WebSockets using SignalR.

.Net Core – WebSockets using SignalR, .NET Core course. WebSocket using SignalR is published by Udemy Academy. In this course you will learn about WebSockets, this amazing technology that allows us to create amazing new features in our systems, bring real-time communication to our applications, gain new skills Find out and become a new kind of developer. In this course you will see:

  • Understand what this technology is
  • What problem does this technology solve?
  • When is it recommended to use it?
  • How to create a SignalR server and client from scratch
  • Types of RTC protocols
  • Real examples, more than one chat
  • life cycle
  • Multirequest – Multithread
  • Scalability
  • Integrate SignalR into your current application

During this exciting journey, we also get to know the most common issues, horizontal scaling problems, concurrent (thread-safe) features, learn how to think creatively and use thread-safe features like ConcurrentDictionary, when to use Be aware of it and why it is important. All this content is from experiences, problems and features that I have already fixed or implemented. This course covers everything I wanted to learn before I ran into the issues I had. Also, as a bonus, we’ll learn how to implement a Docker image of our project, upload it to a registry and perform the deployment, and go through all the steps required for horizontal scaling. let’s

what you will learn

  • Understand the basic principles about real-time communication, what is WebSocket
  • Identify what problem this technology solves, opportunities to use it, and when it is not recommended.
  • Life cycle of communication and maintenance) Understand it
  • Integrate SignalR into your existing application
  • See the differences between protocols, Websocket, Long Time Pooling, Server sent events.
  • Real examples, more than just a chat; How to message the client outside the SignalR hub
  • Vertical vs horizontal scaling How to scale horizontally in SignalR
  • Bonus: How to create a docker image, configure an affinity cookie with NGINX Ingress, and scale horizontally.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • C# developers who are curious about real-time technologies, Websockets and how to use it.
  • Are you eager to learn about real-time technologies and how to improve your coding skills, career, and resume?

Net Core course specifications – WebSockets using SignalR.

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Robson Paproski
  • English language
  • Training level: introductory to advanced
  • Number of courses: 55
  • Training duration: 2 hours and 26 minutes

Net Core – WebSockets using SignalR course chapters.

Course prerequisites

Good understanding of the C# language is recommended

Net Core Images – WebSockets using SignalR.

Net Core - WebSockets using SignalR.

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