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OkMap is a powerful software for cartography and mapping and analyzing and displaying GPS device data. Using this program, you can upload online and digital maps to the software. You can even use the maps you bought. Also, this program is able to receive vector data in different formats and DEM data related to postal information and land heights.

OkMap allows you to organize the traveled routes using stations, signs and routes and transfer this obedience to the desired gps devices. This program automatically adjusts the information related to the height of different parts and is able to estimate the time traveled. In addition to these, it has provided capabilities that allow you to automatically navigate and determine geographic coordinates.

Features and features of OkMap software:

You can connect your GPS device to the computer and transfer the data stored in it to this program and see the result on the desired map. Various statistics based on this data will be displayed to you, which will be very useful for research work. If you want to see your route live on the map, you can connect the GPS device to the laptop and start moving. The software shows you all the traveled routes live on the map. Even by connecting the software to the Internet, you can save the traveled information live on the remote computer.

OkMap is also able to communicate with Google Maps and Google Earth. For example, by using Google Earth, you can see the traveled path in 3D animation on the planet, which is a very attractive and spectacular feature.

required system

– Windows XP or superior (64-bit)
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
– Processor 1 GHz
– 1 GB RAM minimum (recommended 2 GB)


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download OkMap Desktop 18.4.1 Multilingual x64

Download OkMap Desktop 17.10.2 Multilingual x64

Download OkMap Desktop 17.7.3 Multilingual x64

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