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O&O ShutUp10 means that you have full control over the features Windows 10 and it is you who decides what information will be transferred through Windows 10. By using the simple user interface of this program, you disable parts of Windows 10 that you do not want to receive and send your data. This program is completely free and does not require installation, and you can run it immediately after downloading. This program does not install advertising and unwanted software along with it (something we see a lot today). Windows 10 aims to facilitate the daily experience of working with its operating system for users, unfortunately this approach has caused Windows users to unwittingly release a lot of data about themselves.

For example, Windows 10 informs you to go to the airport 30 minutes before your flight due to traffic. Windows needs calendar, email and location and traffic map where you live to provide this feature. Some services share your WLAN information with your Facebook contact list or connect your computer to public Wi-Fi networks – which are often insecure – without authentication. Although this makes it easier to use the operating system, it puts you at risk. If you do not agree with this approach and would like to specify all the security aspects of the system yourself, use the O&O ShutUp10 program. This program provides you with many privacy settings that you can easily enable or disable in a beautiful graphic environment.

Features and features of O&O ShutUp10 tool:

  • Full protection of privacy
  • Control of location access services
  • Windows updates control
  • Prevent Windows Debug Services from sending information
  • Simple user interface
  • Small volume and no need to install

required system

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10 & 11
Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


Installation guide

This software does not need to be installed and runs in a portable form.

After the release of Windows 11, this program was renamed from ShutUp10 to ShutUp10++ and now supports both versions of Windows 10 and 11.

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Download O&O ShutUp10++ 1.9.1437.410 Multilingual

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