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OPC Systems.NET


OPC SystemsNET is a set of efficient components for the .NET environment that can be used in the design and programming of industrial systems, SCADA and HMI. SCADA, or data collection and supervision system, is a control system that is used in large industrial scales to control, process and control devices. HMI also stands for Human Machine Interface, a software interface between man and machine, which is used to monitor and receive information from industrial devices such as PLC, of ​​course, in a format that can be understood by humans. OPC Systems.NET has tried to provide .NET programmers with all the facilities required for programming these systems by providing various components.

Using this package, you can access data in OPC servers, OPC clients, Visual Studio programs, Excel and various databases in the form of service-oriented architecture. The components of this collection are fully coded in C# language and managed, and will not require external libraries. The programs written by the components of this collection can be run remotely on systems with large distances, and for this there will be no need to install the program on the destination systems.

The advantage that these components give you is that they have a better graphical interface than web-based intermediaries and it is easier to work with it than web-based intermediaries. Setting and configuring this tool is also simple and can be configured inside the program itself or by exporting and importing the settings in CSV format. Alarms, logs, rich reports and security issues can be easily included by this product.

System requirements OPC SystemsNET

OPC Systems.NET Compatibility:

Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008, and Expression Blend 4


Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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