Download Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149

Download Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149


Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149, the Oracle PL/SQL course related to the 1Z0-149 exam has been published by Udemy Academy. This is one of the best Udemy courses on Oracle PL/SQL. This course covers 100% of the training path of the exam, No. 1Z0-149: Programming with PL/SQL, Oracle. The instructor has designed the course as a very professional structure that includes many exercises and examples. Be sure that after completing this course, you will become an expert in PL/SQL programming and be ready to pass the exam. You have all the presentations and all the PL/SQL scripts of each chapter attached, so you don’t need to waste your time repeating every example I did.

What you will learn

  • Full course content of Oracle University exam 1Z0-149: Program with PL/SQL
  • Download and install Oracle 12c database with details
  • Oracle 12c database architecture
  • Introduction of PLSQL variables
  • Communicate with Oracle DB server
  • Working with Composite data types
  • Managing errors, creating functions
  • Working with packages
  • PLSQL Overview
  • Write executive statements
  • Write control structure
  • Using transparent cursors
  • Creating Procedures
  • And ……

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Students who want to master PL/SQL programming
  • Students who want to become certified in PL/SQL
  • Beginner and young programmers who want to get a better job by getting a skill certificate
  • Students who already know Oracle SQL and want to upgrade to the next level, PL/SQL.

Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149 course specifications

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Khaled Alkhudari
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 220
  • Training duration: 21 hours and 53 minutes

Head of the course seasons

Course prerequisites

  • You should know Oracle SQL (11g or 12c)
  • You should have strong knowledge in (SELECT statement, DML, DDL, DCL, creating views, indexes, and synonyms)
  • Windows Operating system is preferred, but this is not mandatory if you have the knowledge of downloading Oracle database on other OS
  • Downloading oracle database and this will be covered in details on Windows OS.
  • No need for any previous experience in PL/SQL, this course starts from zero in PL/SQL

Images of Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149

Oracle PL/SQL is My Game: EXAM 1Z0-149

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