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Panther Simulator


In the game Panther Simulator you step To Jungle And Life leopard Black you spend Survive At Jungle Wild Full From the trap Hi Deadly And dangerous and animals meat eater And creations Delicious It is only a small part of Panther Simulator game. raise level Family self, At Hunt And Battle To Life self At equal to hunters Like Tiger And Gorilla And Anacondas through Attack with a fork.

Features and features of Panther Simulator:

  • REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You need to maintain health and satisfy hunger and thirst and energy to survive in this wild environment.
  • NEW DANGERS – Dealing with obstacles and predatory animals and competing with other hunters
  • EPIC BATTLES – Great and epic battles for survival
  • START YOUR FAMILY – forming a family and raising children to prepare for the future
  • LEVEL UP YOUR PANTHERS – increasing your abilities and your resistance level
  • MISSIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS – Lots of missions and different achievements to earn
  • DYNAMIC WEATHER AND DAY/NIGHT CYCLE – Dynamic weather and day cycle
  • HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT – with a very large and 3D environment
  • 25 UNIQUE JUNGLE SPECIES – has 25 different animals in the jungle
  • RAINFOREST SURVIVAL GUIDE – has a guide and map section
  • OPTIONAL BLOOD EFFECTS – the ability to add blood effects
  • NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Smooth and easy-to-play control will give you a unique experience.
  • HD GRAPHICS – Very high and HD graphics for designing environments and animals
  • GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – Get game updates for free and without any ads or fees

Changes in the latest version of Panther Simulator 2.0:

Much improved performance on low quality settings

Made Beehives smaller

Made Temple jump much easier to perform

Reintroduced Keyboard Controls

required system

Android 2.3 and up


Installation guide

If there is an error in the installation, first delete the previous version and then install the new version.

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Download Panther Simulator 2.0

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