Download Part B – Network Protocol Development in C (from Scratch)

Part B - Network Protocol Development in C ( from Scratch )


Part B – Network Protocol Development in C (from Scratch), the network protocol development training course in C language, part two, has been published by Udemy Academy. First of all, congratulations on completing Part A of this course where we developed the Mgmt Proximity feature of the protocol. I hope you enjoy and have a good learning. You should now be confident in developing timer-based state machines. Here a new challenge begins as we enter Phase 2 of the project – Link State Database Mgmt. Each router uses its proximity objects sitting on an interface to create its own link-state database. But the challenge is that each router must share its local version of the link state database (LSDB) with every other router in the topology that implements the ISIS protocol so that each router has a consistent and common view of the IGP topology. This is what the ultimate goal of this phase of the project is. We will continue to use timers as Phase 2 also relies heavily on timers to achieve its goals. In addition to timers, through this project we will also get to know the world of asynchronous programming. In this case study, we have chosen a routing protocol as an example, but the high-level tasks for implementing a typical network protocol are more or less the same.

What you will learn

  • Understanding how to implement network protocols in network devices
  • Packet processing, updating protocol data structures through packet processing
  • Debugging and troubleshooting code to solve problems
  • Implement new features incrementally
  • Implementation of complex protocol state machines and network algorithms
  • The goal of this project is to train you through the hands-on experience of running a typical network protocol

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Developers aiming to work in the field of networking / distributed systems / system programming
  • Not for those looking for non-development roles
  • Not for those still struggling with basic data structures, basic C programming concepts
  • Job professionals, job seekers, change domain to network developer

Part B course specifications – Network Protocol Development in C (from Scratch)

Chapters of the course Part B – Network Protocol Development in C (from Scratch)

Course prerequisites

  • Must have completed Part A of the Course


Part B - Network Protocol Development in C (from Scratch)

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