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Pascal Analyzer is a useful tool for analyzing and checking Delphi and Borland Pascal source codes. Delphi and Borland Pascal are both environments that work based on the Pascal language. By using this program, you can get useful information from the source codes produced by these environments. You can easily enter the desired source code into the program and after finishing the program, complete and detailed tables containing useful information will be presented to you. Information such as errors and warnings, tables to improve coding standards, information and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the source code and many more. Using Pascal Analyzer, it is also possible to prepare documents and fully document the source code. This program provides 51 different reports about the code to the programmer, which improves the quality, efficiency, security and readability of the code.

Features and features of Pascal Analyzer:

  • Report warnings in the code
  • Reports to optimize and improve code performance
  • Report parts of the code that have inappropriate memory usage
  • Informing about the useless parts of the code or in other words removing the dead code
  • Review of coding standards
  • Examining the naming of variables and controls and adapting them to conventional rules
  • Checking the appropriateness of the code for the NextGen compiler
  • Report the number of methods, number of procedures, functions and other code entities
  • Review and report on code complexity indicators, including the number of code lines, the number of comments, the number of characters in a line, the number of DPs, etc.
  • Various metrics to report the state of code objectivity
  • Find identifiers with the same name
  • The possibility of extracting all strings and literals used in the source
  • Ability to find subroutines with the highest number of calls
  • Generating a call tree to track the process of calling different parts of the code
  • Report the preprocessors in the code
  • Report the list of ToDos that the programmer has put in the code
  • A complete report of the various characteristics of the controls used
  • And …

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Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Download Pascal_Analyzer_7.3.0.0_Delphi_5_XE7

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