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Go Core Language


Go Core Language, core language training course Go, the programming language Go is a statically typed compiled language like C++ with the user-friendliness of a dynamically compiled language like Python. It is concurrent, garbage-collected and designed for scaling. Go is a programming language designed for building large and complex software. It takes you from the basics of the Go language to writing and testing services.

What you will learn

  • Custom data types
  • Branching
  • Ring
  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Functions
  • synchronicity
  • Services
  • test

Go Core Language course specifications

  • Publisher: Pluralsight
  • teacher : Michael Van Sickle
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 12
  • Training duration: 23 hours and 54 minutes

Go Core Language course chapters

Go: The Big Picture
Go: Getting Started
The Go CLI Playbook
The Go Standard Library
Creating Custom Data Types with Go
Advanced Branching and Looping in GO
Deep Dive into Go Packages
Deep Dive into Go Functions
Concurrent Programming with Go
Creating Web Services with Go 1
Testing Go Applications
Building Distributed Applications with Go


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