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TensorFlow Developer Certificate Time Series Sequences and Predictions course. TensorFlow is a powerful open source library for machine learning and numerical computation for developing and training deep learning models. This course teaches you how to analyze time series data and accurately predict future events.

What you will learn in the TensorFlow Developer Certificate course – Time Series, Sequences, and Predictions

  • Accurate forecasting of key business metrics is critical to making smart decisions and planning for the future. In this course, TensorFlow Developer Certificate – Time Series, Sequences, and Predictions, you will gain the ability to build predictive models for time series data using deep learning.
  • First, you will explore how to structure time series problems and preprocess data for modeling.
  • Next, you will discover how to select and configure deep learning models such as RNN and CNN for sequence prediction tasks.
  • Finally, you’ll learn best practices for training, evaluating, and improving your predictions over time.
  • After completing this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of TensorFlow and deep learning for time series necessary to accurately forecast metrics such as future sales, demand, stock prices, and more.
  • Understanding and preparing time series data
  • Training and evaluation of time series models
  • Implementation of advanced techniques for time series analysis

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  • Publisher: Pluralsight
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  • Training level: beginner
  • Training duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes
  • Number of courses: 188

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