Download Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases

Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases


Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases, Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases training course is published by Udemy Academy. Companies are collecting more and more data every day. Data analysis, business intelligence/business analysis skills are in high demand in today’s job market. Microsoft Power BI is an advanced yet easy to use tool for business intelligence and business analysis. These are the BI tools used by professional analysts and data scientists. In this course, we’ll walk through business scenarios where you’ll learn how to use Power BI and advanced and complex DAX calculations to gain more insights from data. We use the SQL Server Adventure Works data warehouse as an example database. We take each scenario step by step with you.

Not only will you learn Power BI best practices, tips, tricks, and case studies that you won’t find in any other course, but as a bonus, you can learn Microsoft’s popular course at high speed in the comfort of your own home or office. All exercises are designed keeping in mind the practical aspects of Power BI and DAX. All exercises are 100% practical. Over 25 hours of HD videos of building business scenarios using DAX and 10 interactive business intelligence reports and dashboards from start to finish. You have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these concepts to solve business problems or business needs.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to use DAX (Data Analytics Expression) to derive business performance, patterns and trends from data.
  • Power BI best practices, tips, tricks, and case studies you won’t find in any other course
  • Learn to create powerful advanced calculations using measures, calculated columns and DAX formulas
  • Building business intelligence solutions for data exploration and analysis
  • TIME-INTELLIGENCE learning to support business intelligence analysis needs by transforming data using time periods
  • Learn to combine multiple data sources for advanced data analysis
  • Learn the popular Microsoft Office DASHBOARD-IN-A-DAY course in one day at your own pace in your home or office as a BONUS.
  • Import, consolidate and correlate your data and perform advanced analysis
  • Learn to use the simplest business intelligence tool to create stunning reports and dashboards.
  • Learn how to connect to multiple data sources such as SQL Server, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Web and SQL Analysis Services with Power BI.
  • Learn about Dataflows (the new CDM database, Azure Data Lake Gen2), what it is and how to use and configure databases in it.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Everyone is looking for a job and getting ready to start working in data analysis.
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders looking to master the process of data analysis.
  • If you want to impress your boss and distance yourself from your colleagues and peers
  • Students learn in the context of data.
  • You want to expand your knowledge in advanced DAX calculations.
  • Data scientists.
  • Business analyst and aspiring business analyst.
  • You want your reports to stand out and impress your audience.
  • Business analyst responsible for automation projects.
  • Working people who have just entered this business.
  • Analysts who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • Business analyst who wants to improve his skills.
  • Anyone who wants to become a business analyst.

Course specifications Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : BizticsCom King
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 201
  • Training duration: 27 hours and 30 minutes

At the beginning of the course seasons on 2023-2

Course prerequisites

  • You need to be able to use Microsoft Power BI, at least at a basic level.
  • Your willingness to learn, follow the course and explore new opportunities.
  • Power BI can be downloaded for free, no additional costs involved.
  • All additional files, checklists and materials will be provided
  • We highly recommend to check out “Microsoft Power BI – Business Intelligence for Beginners” first (Our beginners course in Power BI).


Power BI Business Scenarios with Hands on Use Cases

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