Download PowerBasic Compiler for Windows 10.03.0102 Retail

PowerBasic Compiler


PowerBasic Compiler is a code compiler for all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 7. This program provides applications with a graphical interface that is in the form of a window. This program has the ability to create executable files and DLL for optimized files. The machine code generated by PowerBASIC is one of the most optimized and efficient codes that can be found in the industry both in terms of size and speed. This compiler can easily be compared with the most famous compilers available for programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Pascal, C++, Fortran and others.

The new version of this program has other new features. General support for Unicode and ANSI strings is done automatically. You can implement data sources inline and inside your code. There is no need to create, compile and link into your resources and all these things are done automatically.

Features of PowerBasic Compiler:

  • The ability to create efficient and fast machine codes
  • Ability to delete unused codes
  • To make the executable file smaller, the code that is not referenced is removed.
  • Assembler development with support for SIMD opcodes
  • The presence of a complete graphics engine

required system

All versions of Windows


Installation guide

Just install the included file (no need to crack)

download link

Download PowerBasic Compiler for Windows 10.03.0102 Retail

Download PowerBASIC Collection

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