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Drawing Basics


Drawing Basics, the drawing basics course is published by Proko Academy. Anyone can learn to paint, just like anyone can learn to speak. Painting is a visual language. If you learn visual vocabulary and grammar, you can communicate with pictures. You will learn the most important basic concepts for drawing anything and soon you will be able to draw from imagination or from references. This course is designed to encourage you to paint without getting bored or discouraged. There are even two levels of each project – one for absolute beginners and one for intermediates who are here to brush up on their basics. That means you can go through this path twice. First as a beginner and then as an intermediate level artist. We start by creating the habit of drawing a good quality line. Then we come to the shape, which is the main concept and represents the subject you are drawing.

So it’s important to know how to design interesting shapes to design your own characters and objects. Then we transform these shapes into three dimensions. We learn the basics of perspective and how to form intuitively without math and complex grids. Finally, we will learn how to add light and shadow to our paintings by controlling values ​​and edges. If you commit to this course and follow the projects, you will improve your painting. You’ll have a good foundation of skills that lend themselves to any specialty. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a fine art painter or a concept designer or a comic artist, this course is a prerequisite.

What you will learn

Specifications of the Drawing Basics course

  • Publisher: Proko
  • teacher : Stan Prokopenko
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 50
  • Training duration: 21 hours and 19 minutes

Chapters of the Drawing Basics course

01. learning how to draw.mp4
02. intro to drawing basics.mp4
03. project get your tools and start playing.mp4
04. ultimate guide to sketchbooks and paper.mp4
05. ultimate guide to pencils and erasers.mp4
06. sharpening 6 types of drawing pencils.mp4
07. project simplify from observation.mp4
08. simplify from observation pear demo.mp4
09. simplify from observation portrait demo.mp4
10. simplify from observation pear critique.mp4
11. critique simplify portrait from observation.mp4
12. mushroom warmups.mp4
13. intro to lines.mp4
14. 2 weeks drawing challenge.mp4
15. project simplify to csi.mp4
16. demo simplify snail and boots to csi.mp4
17. demo simplify camel and skull to csi.mp4
18. critique simplify to csi.mp4
19. how to draw confident lines the tapered stroke.mp4
20. project learning to sketch from observation.mp4
21. project learning to sketch from imagination.mp4
22. searching lines.mp4
23. is it too early to draw from imagination.mp4
24. demo learning to sketch from observation.mp4
25. demo learning to sketch from imagination.mp4
26. Critique learning to sketch from observation.mp4
27. Critique learning to sketch from imagination.mp4
28. Warmups to improve line quality.mp4
29. 6 habits for good line quality.mp4
30. line weight.mp4
31. project organizing line weight.mp4
32. demo hierarchy of importance line weight.mp4
33. demo light and shadow line weight.mp4
34. demo different ways to use line weight.mp4
35. demo depth and form line weight.mp4
36. critique organizing line weight.mp4
37. combining line weight.mp4
38. project line master studies.mp4
39. demo line master studies jeff watts.mp4
40. demo line master studies roberto de la torre.mp4
41. critique line master studies.mp4
42. jeff watts online quality.mp4
43. 7 ways simple shapes can improve your drawings.mp4
44. project simple animal portraits.mp4
45. Simplifying Shape Design Livestream.mp4
46. ​​warmup circles.mp4
47. demo simple animal portraits level 1.mp4
48. demo simple animal portraits level 2.mp4
49. critique simple animal portraits.mp4
50. how animators use basic shapes with aaron blaise.mp4


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