Download Quran Bayan version 2.2.7 for Android 2.2 and above

قرآن بیان


After examining the best Quranic software among Iranian software designed for the Android operating system, we reached the best option, namely Quran Bayan in this case. Of course, there were other softwares that in some cases are better than the introduced example, but the quality, features and content of this software prompted us to introduce it as the first Quranic software of the site under the Android operating system.

Features and features of the free version of Quran Bayan:

– Usman Taha’s common calligraphy and maximum closeness with its pages and lines
– Taking advantage of Quranic open text content including 110 translations and interpretations in different languages ​​of the world and 48 readings, including tertile, audio, audio and educational translation (the average size of each translation is 1.5 MB and each reading is 300 MB)
– The possibility of displaying page by page, surah by surah and part of a part (saleable version)
– Display text with translation
– Advanced recitation tool suitable for memorizing the Holy Quran
– Word search in the text of the Holy Quran and the selected translation
Marking Quranic verses (up to 5 marks in the free version)
– Selection of font type and size
– Classification of readings and translations based on type and language
– Management page for downloading surah by surah recitations

Features and features of the paid version of the Koran Bayan:

* Word search in the text of the Holy Quran and selected translation and reference to the text of the Quran after selecting the search
* Management tool for downloading surah by surah audio files of readings
* These features are available by holding your finger on the desired verse in this version:

1- Marking Quranic verses without limit of number and referring to the text of the Quran after selecting the mark
2- The possibility of sharing a verse with translation by SMS, Bluetooth and any sharing software that is installed on your device (such as email tools, chat, etc.)
3- Ability to access the translation of the verse instantly

Notes of Quran Bayan software:

1- Quran Bayan cannot be installed on phones with a processor less than 1 GHz and memory (RAM) less than 256 MB.

2- If there is a problem in installing or running Quran Bayan, be sure to contact [email protected].

3- The content of the translation and interpretation and the audio of the Qur’an Bayan must be downloaded online and selectively. In the free version, you have to download page by page, and in the paid version, you can download surah by surah.

4- The valuable Quran Bayan software was purchased by Downloadly because of its high quality.

5- Saying Quran is very useful for memorizers of Quran with the possibility of endless repetition of a verse.

required system

Android 2.2 and up


Installation guide

You must be connected to the Internet to download the translation, interpretation and audio of Ayan. These are stored in the SD card and can be transferred to other phones. And if it is backed up, it can be used after reinstallation.

download link

Download Quran Bayan 2.2.7

Password file(s):


16.7 MB

4.2/5 – (15036 points)

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