Download Remotecar 1401.10.13 (replacement of AnyDesk and TeamViewer)



Remotecar (replacement of AnyDesk and TeamViewer), It is a fast tool to access and manage corporate and personal systems remotely over the Internet. With the help of RemoteCar software, you can access devices in other locations and interact with them like a local device. Desktops can be used for remote support and remote maintenance as well as online collaboration. Used remotely and more. Remotecar offers a variety of thoughtful features for your use cases to provide you with the best possible user experience.

Remotecar software allows you to provide exceptional remote support from anywhere. Whether you provide customer service or technical assistance, you can resolve technical issues and provide support easily with RemoteCar Remote Desktop. Remote management tools allow remote people to perform IT tasks and tasks without leaving their desks after establishing a connection, which can save companies time and money. Also, using remote software, you can work on any device such as a computer, laptop, and smart phone.

You can easily exchange files from within your own system to the remote system that you can download and upload files from the system easily and respecting the access level. You can chat with your users without being remote. You don’t need to make a phone call to make a remote call with the remote control chat feature. In order to ensure the security of your monitored systems as much as possible, Synchronized Remote Control checks the presence of operating system security patches and the up-to-dateness of security software and informs you if there are none.

Features and features of the remote control program:

  • Suitable alternative for software AnyDesk and TeamViewer
  • Remote desktop
  • File exchange
  • Possibility of conversation
  • View system information
  • Possibility of customization
  • Complete security


Installation guide

This software is free.

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Download remote control software 1401.10.13

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