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Flutter Developer Bootcamp


Flutter Developer Bootcamp is a comprehensive Flutter framework training course published by Reso Coder Academy. This course is actually the updated and improved version of the previous course of the same academy. All the modules of the course have been re-recorded and the contents of the course are completely up-to-date. Flutter is one of the most popular frameworks for the development of the user interface of applications, whose community of developers and users is expanding rapidly and has been exploited by various companies. According to the published data, the average income of a Flutter senior programmer is about 150 thousand dollars, which is a significant figure. Various companies have used Flutter, the most important of which are Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Alibaba, eBay, etc.

Flutter’s most important advantage over other frameworks and development tools is its multi-platform nature. In the simplest possible explanation, the programmer is able to output from a unique and special codebase for three platforms, desktop, mobile and web, and get three different applications from Flutter by writing the code once. This training course will take a total of eight weeks of your time and in these 8 weeks you will master this powerful framework to a great extent.

What you will learn in the Flutter Developer Bootcamp course:

  • Initial installation of Flutter framework
  • Install the Flutter SDK
  • Basic configuration of editor and code editor
  • Dart programming language
  • Flutter framework operational and implementation method
  • Creating a user interface with the Flutter framework
  • Application states management
  • Work with user input data
  • Move between different pages of the application
  • The best patterns and architectures for Flutter application development
  • Implementation of authentication system and user access level management in Flutter applications
  • OAuth2 protocol
  • Caching data in the device’s local memory
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: recoder
teacher: Matej Rešetár
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 203
Training duration: 35 hours and 47 minutes

Course headings

Flutter Developer Bootcamp course prerequisites

How much programming experience do I need?

While having some programming experience will help you with understanding the lessons more quickly, you CAN certainly join the bootcamp as a beginner. The initial modules Get Up to Speed ​​with Dart and Flutter Basics will fully prepare you for the more difficult topics in the later modules.

This bootcamp is very much “hands-on”, so I don’t teach you too much theory upfront, although the initial modules contain some of it. Rather, you’re going to learn most of the things as we’re writing real-world code. At first, this may feel tougher compared to learning from isolated, simple, but ultimately made up and unreal examples, but it’s so much more worth it. In any case, you can ask questions on a live Q&A and on Discord.

After all, you’re going to be developing real apps in your Flutter career, so learning how to write real-world code right from the start will put you at an immense advantage.

What operating system do I need?

You can be on Windows, Mac and Linux to complete this bootcamp. However, due to the inherent limitations of iOS, you need to have a Mac if you want to develop native plugins for it – we’ll be doing this in one of the later modules. Outside of this one module, the vast majority of this bootcamp can be completed no matter your operating system. If there are any differences between Windows and Mac, I always point them out.

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Flutter Developer Bootcamp

Flutter Developer Bootcamp course introduction video

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