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Roxar RMS or RMS stands for Reservoir Modeling System, formerly known as IRAP RMS Suite, is a collaborative platform for reservoir and geological engineers that provides a shared space for compiling and visualizing a wide range of oil and gas related information for geophysicists and earth. Scientists put. The software also allows users to integrate data from various sources, interpret it, and model oil and gas reservoirs. This software can generate fully realistic reservoir models that are integrated with the ground infrastructure and input data.

Roxar RMS also includes modern algorithms for river sediment modeling and allows data entry through an attractive graphical interface. This software can model the reservoir using the information obtained from other software and provide you with the possibility of designing new wells and calculating the volume of the reservoirs with the help of geological parameters.

Features and features of Roxar RMS software:

  • Providing a shared space for the collaboration of reservoir and geological engineers
  • Compilation and visualization of information related to oil and gas
  • Modeling reservoirs and calculating their volume
  • Using a graphical interface to display and enter information
  • The possibility of designing new wells and modeling river sedimentation

required system

Windows 7 / 10

Dual Intel Xeon (Dual Core 2.1Ghz) or faster CPU or equivalent

4 GB of RAM


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Roxar RMS 13.1 x64

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 220 MB

price in rials | Price in Euro

Facies modeling module is disabled in this version.

Any questions or problems only through the department Contact us bring up

Price of v2019 v11.0.1 x64 is 48 Euro for 2 PC; Other Payment Method

Download Roxar RMS 2013.0 Rev 173741 License Expired

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