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OPC Factory Server


OPC Factory Server is a powerful product and the chosen solution for communicating between software systems and control hardware such as PLCs in the industry. OPC is derived from the term OLE for Process Control, which is a standard and universal protocol for exchanging data and various parameters among industrial control systems such as SCADA. This standard is based on the OLE/DCOM technology of Microsoft and the purpose of this standard is to increase efficiency and establish a standard and uniform communication bridge between data sources and data consumers. The advantage of this protocol is that it does not depend on hardware. And for this reason, it can be prepared for hardware and software environments in various industries.

OPC Factory Server or OFS based on this protocol allows Windows programs to access PLC data in real time and benefit from this data for the desired purposes. What this program does is to simplify and clarify the communication process between software and hardware.

Access to key and important information, open interface, clear architecture and usability in different software systems are only part of the advantages of using OPC Factory Server. This program can be used in SCADA, MES, ERP software systems and spreadsheet software such as Excel and efficient automation systems can be designed and implemented. The open interface of this product also allows programmers to directly connect to the OPC server using C++ language and extract their desired data. The use of this product allows programmers to design and implement their desired control system in the shortest possible time or with minimal technical knowledge in this field and not get involved in the low-level details of these systems.

required system

Your PC needs to meet the following hardware requirements to run the OFS software:
Microsoft & XP 2000
Frequency – 850 MHz
RAM – 256 MB
Microsoft Vista & 200x server
Frequency – 3 GHz
RAM – 1 GB


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Note: Type Part Number and Serial (do not copy and paste)

Version 3.50 was installed and successfully activated on Windows 10 64-bit edition on 21 February 1400.

download link

Download Schneider_Electric_OPC_Factory_Server_3.50

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