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Cinema 4D Ascent Weeks 1 - 8


Cinema 4D Ascent Weeks 1 – 8, a course to teach basic 3D concepts in Cinema 4D is published by School Of Motion Academy. At Cinema 4D Ascent, you can learn marketable 3D concepts in Cinema 4D from Maxon’s professional instructor, EJ Hassenfratz. During this course you will be taught the basic 3D concepts needed to create beautiful effects and work with anything a studio or client may request. We’ll start by covering Cinema 4D updates and the tools you’ll need to get going. You will then enter the evaluation section where you can show off your skills, plus try to use any new tips that EJ has to offer. Using Physical Rendering, Redstone Rendering, and Octane Rendering, you’ll get a full understanding of why you should use external rendering. Then, with the knowledge in hand, apply those concepts to Redshift.

What you will learn

  • Different methods for modeling
  • An in-depth look at rendering
  • Become a material master
  • Advanced 3D tips
  • Procedural animation
  • Dynamic simulation
  • All about Rigging
  • Advanced workflows

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Cinema 4D Ascent is for students who have a basic knowledge of Cinema 4They have D and are looking for more. This plan as the next step for students to continue the path Cinema 4D is designed

Specifications of the Cinema 4D Ascent Weeks 1 – 8 course

  • Publisher: School Of Motion
  • teacher : Luis Ramirez Jr
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 104
  • Training duration: 30 hours and 19 minutes

Cinema 4D Ascent Weeks 1-8 chapters

School Of Motion Cinema 4D Ascent Week 1
Week 02 – GPU Rendering
Week 03 – Texturing and Rendering in 2D & 3D
Week 04 – Render Engines
Week 06 – Dynamics
Week 07 – Particles
Week 08 – Advanced Animation & Rigging

Course prerequisites

  • Students taking this course must have a solid understanding of 3D fundamentals like interface navigation, animation, materials, basic lighting, and C4D’s Mograph Module


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