Download Shark Dash 1.1.0w for Android +2.3

Download Shark Dash 1.1.0w for Android +2.3


Shark Dash Defend the bathtub from attacking and stupid ducks! in this Play Physics puzzle You have to activate the shark and guide the ducks to the floating tire.

Sharky and his happy friends from Toy Kos lived happily in the bathtub. Meanwhile, a bunch of playful ducks come and start destroying the sharks’ peaceful little world. These ducks are made of cheap plastic and they put some of the chemicals they’re made of into the tub water, and now they’re teasing the sharks, pranking them like the tub is theirs. While the sharks are the main owners of the tank. Join this worldwide bathtub game to get rid of the silly ducks.

Never play this game while taking a bath

  • Amazing and accessible gameplay: simply drag and drop the shark’s tail with your finger and launch him to destroy the ducks.
  • To earn points, grab all the coins as fast as you can, away from the duck, and finish each stage using the fewest jumps possible.
  • If you were not satisfied with your last jump, it is possible to go back once and try again.

A wild journey in a bathtub around the world

  • Visit 4 different environments, from ancient Rome to far away Japan
  • Collect tears through streaks of stages to earn more points to dominate the bosses.

We introduce some powerful toys in the bathroom:

  • Sharkee, hero and fearless leader of the happy group of plastic sharks
  • SAWY, who can unbelievably cut chains with his nose and drop heavy objects on the dastardly ducks.
  • Hammy, he can hit ducks from incredible angles by leaping into the air using his jumping slash skill.
  • Scuby is Sharkee’s twin brother, a calm and meditative toy who likes to swim deep in the water, catching ducks wherever they hide.

By getting enough coins you can upgrade the appearance of your sharks to new beautiful designs!

Shark Dash system requirements

Requires Android:

v2.3 and up


Installation guide

After downloading the program file, install it.

download link

Download Shark Dash_1.1.0w


16.7 MB

4.5/5 – (2241 points)

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