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The Shia Library software or iShia Books has been produced in the information technology department of the Milani Foundation (Ayatollah Azami Al-Milani Institute (Quds Sarh Al-Sharif) for the Revival of Shia Thought) to facilitate the use of the books of the “Shia Library” database for the Android operating system. One of the most important goals of the project is the ease of use and the appropriate speed of the software, and in addition to the ease of transfer between books and their texts, as well as lists and footnote references, the reader has the possibility of accessing about 5000 volumes of the Shia library database, which is from various sources continuously. will increase; Therefore, any submission of books for publication is appreciated by institutions and authors, and in order to preserve the great efforts of authors and publishers, their information is mentioned in full on the page of the book’s birth certificate.

Among the main sources of the Shia library, we can mention the software “Ahl al-Bayt (Peace be upon him), the first edition” related to the Al-Al-Bayt (Peace be upon him) institute for the revival of heritage. Also, the possibility of managing books in terms of uploading, deleting and updating edited or corrected books will always be available.

Features and features of iShia Books software :

– Based on Android operating system version 2.2 and newer with support for Farsi and Arabic languages

– Direct loading of books from the Shia library database on the device

– Ability to choose one or several or all books to upload

– Displaying the list of books by subject, author, researcher, publisher and source, as well as selecting the language of the books (Persian/Arabic)

– Search in the specifications of uploaded books

– Displaying the book list and the possibility of searching in it

– Quick search of texts in uploaded books

– Simple and beautiful display of pages and transfer between pages by flipping or using the transfer bar to pages

– Fast transition to the book and page referenced in the footnote

– Management of uploading books and updating them when connected to the Internet

– Reminding the user about the updated books and providing their automatic update

– Ability to add books by moving them to the program branch on the device



Program tips Shia Books :

– The description, with some editing, is placed from the manufacturer’s database.

– All the books of this software can be read and downloaded on the “Shia Library” website.

required system

+ Android 2.2


Installation guide

This program is free and has no limitations.

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