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Simcore Processing Modflow X is a comprehensive and integrated software for groundwater modeling That By many of Organizations As institutes counseling, companies and Organizations And Institutions different countries is used. With this software, you will be able to easily perform all types of modeling on groundwater and then export your modeling. You can also run your previous modelings that you made using previous versions of the software in this version. Simcore Processing Modflow 8 continues the success of version 7 and includes the following features.

Features and features of Simcore Processing Modflow X software:

  • Support for models with stress periods up to 1000 layers of 200 and 1000000 cells in each model layer.
  • Design tool graphic Network.
  • determination Parameters Model by using cell To cell Polygon Or Polyline Tool.
  • Rotation And level Network Model related To maps cover
  • Import and export modeled files
  • Importing models saved by MODFLOW-88, MODFLOW-96, MODFLOW-2000, or MODFLOW-2005
  • Export modeling results as SURFER and ASCII files
  • Import and export modeling parameters to SURFER and ASCII files
  • Visualization Model Parameters Entrance.
  • Interpolates data Hi discrete by using reverse Space weighing, kriging, Or triangle.
  • telescopic mesh refinement To Creation Model Hi Purified At Local scale From Model Scale big.
  • Visualization Conditions border

Files and packages available in Simcore Processing Modflow X:

  • file discretization
  • Closed Foundation
  • Closed flow axis block
  • Flow property layer Closed
  • High pack weight
  • Horizontal flow of the dam

required system

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

Copy and paste the file in the Crack folder to the installation location of the program.

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Download Processing Modflow X Version 10.0.23 x86

Download Processing Modflow X Version 10.0.23 x64

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