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SmartDraw is a powerful and very efficient software for creating commercial graphic designs or Business Graphics with just a few simple clicks, which solves the needs of its users much easier and faster compared to other top graphics software in the world. In creating different graphic designs for different themes, in addition to the beauty and connection of the design with the subject, the time factor should also be considered. It may take a lot of time to create a graphic design in the world’s graphics giant software such as Photoshop and Corel, rather than a dedicated design software for a specific field.
This software has more than 1000 pre-determined graphic designs, beautiful and suitable for various themes required by business affairs, such as charts, maps, diagrams, calendars, etc. It makes the work of the designer very simple and easy. Over the years, this software has been reviewed by software critics of various websites and magazines in the world and has been able to attract the opinion of most of the critics.
Using the pre-designed parts available in SmartDraw, you will easily be able to create organizational charts, administrative forms, project schedules, planning calendars, sales charts and even building plans. In this software, users can use features such as specialized support for 50 different graphic modes for drawing graphs and diagrams, drawing by tools and without the need to do manual drawing by just selecting the desired element, the ability to design building plans using use relevant specialized tools, the ability to draw network diagrams, the ability to design educational and organizational charts, etc.

Features of SmartDraw:

– Full compatibility with Microsoft Office.

– More than 150 professional examples designed for use in commercial projects

– Ability to draw graphs and charts graphically.

– More than 1000 different designs with the ability to edit and make changes in them

– Ability to organize projects.

– Equipped with various design tools

– The possibility of drawing 26 graphs, charts and diagrams and…

– Unlimited and borderless design environment

– Placing shapes and images in projects.

Compatible with the software included in the office package

– Ability to print directly for printing.

– The possibility of placing shapes and images in projects

– Ability to share documents

– Attractive and simple user interface.

– The ability to adjust the screen size

– Ability to use tables in documents

– Ability to use texts in documents

– Very attractive user interface

– Very easy to use software

A collection of changes and new features of SmartDraw from Here Is visible.

Tips of SmartDraw program:

– The 2014 version of this software has also been published, but an authentic crack has not yet been published.

required system

:Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

Recommended Hardware

Intel or AMD processor

512MB of RAM

3GB free hard disk space


Installation guide

Install the software. If the software is running, close it and copy the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder to the software installation location and then run it, and after entering a desired name, click on the Add to list button, then Click on the Generate button and in the opened window select the SmartDraw 2013 folder from the software installation location and click on the Ok button.

download link


Password file(s):


55 MB

4.4/5 – (13479 points)

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