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After the release of Telegram in the markets and the strange reception of this application by Iranian users, the dear developers of our country came from all over with the intention of providing a native product to replace it. Telegram Present. In this direction, many efforts were made and good programs such as Bisphone, Chat, Salam, Soroush Plus messenger were introduced and offered. But the appearance of the matter shows that in the meantime, Soroush Messenger has been able to gain a good position among Iranian users due to the support of the government sector and the national media.


Soroush Plus Messenger was introduced with the slogan “Communication, Life, Entertainment” and now with the support of users and the good support of the national media, the number of users is increasing day by day. This program was presented from the very first days with the aim of providing a full-fledged alternative to Telegram for chatting and messaging. In this messenger, just like Telegram, you can have two-person chat; group chat; Create a channel; send audio and video files; send stickers; Search among the contents of the channel; Easily control channel and group members; Soroush messenger is also easily possible to build information robots; You can make voice calls for free and there is even the ability to share your location, which was initially provided by WhatsApp and later by Telegram.

Soroush messenger is currently advancing very strongly and is available to users on other platforms such as iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac in addition to Android. Try not to abandon a national product without a valid reason. Soroush Messenger and other similar programs are only able to continue their journey with the support of Iranian users. Although the support of the government is one of the essentials of this work, ultimately the rudder of supporting the products, work and employment of any country is in the powerful hands of the people of that society.

Features and features of Soroush Plus messenger:

  • Personal and funny stickers
  • Weather report based on location
  • Buy recharge and pay bills easily
  • Free voice call
  • Shari’a time announcement
  • The possibility of creating interactive channels and creating various types of surveys
  • Two-person and group chat
  • Beautiful appearance and high speed
  • And …

required system Soroush Plus messenger

Android: 4.0 and up

Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8.x, 10




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Installation guide

This program is free and has no limitations; Download and install.

It should be noted that the quality of this messenger is not approved by us and we suggest using Messenger Ita Is.

download link

Download Android version 5.3.7

Download version 1.0.34 for Windows

Download version 1.0.34 for Linux

Download version 1.0.34 for Mac

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Android version: 63 MB

Windows version: 19 MB

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