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Strand NGS is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of advanced analysis of data generated by the NGS platform. In fact, with the help of this software package, you can do your analysis, management and visualizations with this product. This software can also meet all your needs due to the support of workflows such as DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Methyl-Seq, MeDIP-Seq and small RNA-Seq experiments. This software also makes it possible to import SAM and BAM files.

Also, the developers of Strand NGS software have brought advanced data analysis and simulation thanks to the Avadis platform and the use of modern algorithms. On the other hand, this product can check your analyzes more precisely with the help of its auxiliary tools such as Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio, Roche and ABI SOLiD. Other features of this product include the possibility of finding SNPs and analyzing its impact.

A suitable and integrated user interface is one of the advantages of using this engineering and specialized product. As long as you use this software, you will face a lot of data and statistics obtained from the analysis. The advantage of using this product is related to how to present data in a completely appropriate and regular environment.

Features and features of the software Strand NGS:

  • Ability to analyze ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq
  • The ability to import SAM and BAM files and the ability to find SNPs
  • Analysis of the effect of SNPs on the transcript version
  • The possibility of identifying structural variables (insertions, deletions, displacements, inversions)
  • Ability to determine the level of genes and identify them
  • Ability to identify all types of Exons and Novel Splice junctions
  • And…

required system

Strand NGS is supported on 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. The specific versions supported for each platform are as follows

Windows – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11

Linux – The tool should work on any flavor of Linux, but has been tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (up to v6.5), Debian GNU/Linux up to 9.0 (Stretch) and Ubuntu up to 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

Mac OS X – Up to Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra)

The architectures supported in all the cases above include 64-bit x86-64 compatible architectures. Intel Itanium (IA-64), Mac Power PC (PPC), Sun SPARC, IBM POWER and other such architectures are not supported.


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

This version can be installed and cracked on Windows 11 without any problem.

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Linux and Mac editions are also available separately.

Any questions or problems only through the department Contact us bring up

Price of v3.4 Windows/Linux/macOS is 68 Euro for 2 PC; Other Payment Method

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