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DevOps Bootcamp is a comprehensive and project-oriented DevOps training course published by the specialized training website TechWorld with Nana. This training course is one of the best and most reliable bootcamps in the field of DevOps, which offers a 6-month study program to students. This program is designed based on these three assumptions:

  • A student has at least 10-15 hours of free time per week.
  • It has a background in the areas of software programming or other operational areas related to development and software.
  • Has enough motivation to solve course demos and projects.

During this 6-month process, the student will be able to test and improve his skills in different sections of DoApps. Following the study program of the course is completely optional and optional, and one can continue the course depending on the time and interest level. Usually, those who enter the world of DoPs as self-taught face two major problems:

  1. They have learned to work with many technologies, but they cannot use these tools practically and together.
  2. They are completely alien to the working environment in the real world and its prerequisites and do not know what awaits them. This lack of information increases stress and as a result decreases their self-confidence.

What you will learn in the DevOps Bootcamp course:

  • The basic principles and basics of Devops
  • Familiarity with the types of operating systems and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • The basics of the Linux operating system
  • Commonly used commands and commands of the Linux operating system
  • Version control and management of the development process of various projects using Git and Github
  • Working with different management tools
  • Using ready-made packages and integrating them in the project environment
  • Cloud processing
  • Containers
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Traform
  • Python programming language and its basic principles
  • Automating and creating automation with the Python programming language
  • Manage and quickly configure systems with Ansible
  • Supervision and monitoring with Prometheus tool
  • And …

Default study program of the course

Course details

Publisher: TechWorld with Nana
teacher: Nana Janashia
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 265
Training duration: 66 hours and 11 minutes

Course headings

DevOps Bootcamp

DevOps Bootcamp course prerequisites


As DevOps overlaps with Development and IT Operations processes, you should have some kind of IT background.

The DevOps bootcamp is very beginner friendly in terms of the DevOps tools. Also it includes some prerequisite modules like Linux basics and Programming basics. However, we don’t recommend getting into DevOps without having any IT knowledge, because in DevOps you need to automate software development and deployment processes. So if you don’t know about these processes, it would be difficult to get started in DevOps right away.

We don’t want to exclude anyone, but without having this prerequisite knowledge, it will be difficult to follow the bootcamp.


You need a laptop or a PC with any operating system, but preferably with MacOS or Linux. In the demos, Nana herself uses MacOS.

However, for most of the bootcamp projects, we are using remote Linux servers on cloud platforms, so we will be doing very few things on our local machine.

Course images

DevOps Bootcamp

DevOps Bootcamp course introduction video

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Version 2024/1 has 2 extra lessons and 54 minutes less time compared to 2022/8.

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