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The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners


The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners is published by TechWorld Academy with Nana. Because DevOps Engineering is not an entry-level IT profession, the instructor has created a course that prepares non-IT people for the transition to DevOps. However, it turns out that this course is generally a good resource for IT beginners. By simulating real work steps and going through a complete software development project, it completely eliminates the fear of being an IT newcomer. It doesn’t matter if your ultimate goal is to become a software developer, DevOps engineer, cloud engineer, etc.

This course is for IT beginners and aims to give you the equivalent of a junior engineer’s work experience and understand what the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) looks like. This course gives you a basic knowledge of software engineering without any compromises that sometimes even young engineers lack. Therefore, the skills you acquire in this course will definitely help you succeed. This course covers all the key roles one by one and practically goes through the entire software development workflow. The items covered in this course are:

  • Creating the Jira board and the first sprint
  • Basic programming training for web development – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Application development with VueJS and NodeJS
  • Database connection
  • Understand why testing is important
  • Different types of tests
  • Writing unit and integration tests in JavaScript
  • Getting to know how to package and run the application
  • Creating a virtual server in the cloud
  • Linux server configuration
  • Run the application in the VM

What you will learn

  • Strong understanding of how to fully develop and release software
  • Learn how to write a simple web application with frontend, backend and database.
  • Learn the basics of infrastructure, servers, operating systems, etc., learn how to create and configure a virtual server on a cloud platform, and deploy your application on it.

Who is this course suitable for?

Details of The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners

  • Publisher: TechWorld with Nana
  • teacher : Nana Janashia
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 83
  • Training duration: 22 hours and 2 minutes

Chapters of The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners

# Welcome & Course Overview
# Curriculum
# How to Access Course Resources
# Software Development Workflow
# What is Agile and Scrum
# Backlog and Scrum Board in Jira
# Chapter Intro
# How Websites Work
# What is JS
# Variables & Data Types
# How to Execute JS
# Conditionals & Comparators
# Objects
# Arrays
# Loops
# Functions
# Built-in functions
# Intro to HTML & CSS
# HTML head tags
# Website with HTML, CSS & JS
# Chapter Intro
# Develop Teamable Demo App with HTML, CSS and JS
# JS Frameworks
# Maintaining JS Frameworks
# Open Source Explained
# Libraries Explained
# npm Registry
# Versioning in Software Development Explained
# How to use Libraries in JS Application
# npm CLI
# Command Line Interface & Operating System Basics Explained
# Install npm on MacOS
# Install npm on Windows
# Install JS Libraries with npm
# Chapter Intro
# VueJS Tutorial Part 1
# VueJS Tutorial Part 2
# Implement Frontend with HTML, CSS & VueJS Part 1
# Implement Frontend with HTML, CSS & VueJS Part 2
# Frontend Backend Communication Explained
# NodeJS Tutorial
# Example Frontend Application for NodeJS
# HTTP, URL & IP Addresses Explained
# Implement Web Server with NodeJS
# JSON Explained
# Implement Data Exchange Between Frontend & Backend
# Implement Teamable Application Backend with NodeJS
# Chapter Intro
# Databases Explained
# Database Types and Their Usages Explained
# MongoDB Database, SQL vs NoSQL
# General Guide to Installing Tools on OS
# Install MongoDB on MacOS
# Install MongoDB on Windows
# General Guide to Connecting Applications to Database
# Connect Teamable Backend to MongoDB Part 1
# Connect Teamable Backend to MongoDB Part 2
# Chapter Intro
# Test Automation Explained
# Automated Test Types Explained
# Write Unit Tests in Jest for Teamable app
# Write Integration Tests in Jest for Teamable app
# Chapter Intro
# Build & Package Teamable Application
# Running Application from Package/Artifact
# Chapter Intro
# Server Basics Explained
# Systems Administrator Role Explained
# Create Linux Ubuntu Server on Cloud
# SSH into Cloud Server from MacOS
# SSH into Cloud Server from Windows
# Secure Server with Firewall
# Configure Linux Ubuntu Server
# Deploy Application on Linux Server
# Deployment Stages Explained
# Development & Deployment Workflow Explained
# Complete Sprint in Jira
# Secure MongoDB Database Access
# Configure Database Access with Credentials in Backend Application
# Configure Access to Environment Variables in Backend Application
# Next Steps – Where to go from here?

Course prerequisites

  • Laptop to follow the demos
  • No other prerequisite knowledge necessary, it starts from zero


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