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TeraByte Drive Image Backup is a set of efficient software for getting support and complete recovery of hard disk drives. The prepared backup can be directly transferred to flash memory or external hard drives. Both USB and FireWire ports can be used to transfer information. Also, the backup file can be saved in the local network or on CD/DVD/BD disks. This program also allows creating a boot disk for data recovery operations. This is done using a simple wizard and the program guides you step by step. To recover data, it is enough to boot the system with a boot disk. All the partitions you have backed up will be restored without any problems.

TeraByte Drive Image Backup software uses VSS and PHYLock technology for backup operations, which allows you to easily work with the system during the backup process without any interference. Since this tool completely backs up partitions and it doesn’t matter what information is inside the drive, it is also possible to back up and restore from drives related to other operating systems such as Linux or Macintosh from within Windows. Along with this collection, there is another tool called TBOSDTS, which is a collection of useful tools for computer technicians. This tool for system repairs, Dealing with viruses and fixing the problems of drives etc. contains useful programs.

Features and features of TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Restore software:

  • Good appearance and easy operation (wizard and step by step)
  • The possibility of recovery from any type of drive with any file system (Windows, Linux, Mac drives, etc.)
  • Ability to work with the system during the backup operation
  • Creating a boot disk for data recovery
  • It has various tools for repairing Sesim
  • And …

required system

System Requirements:
Compatible with Windows x86 and Windows x64 versions.
– Compatible with Windows NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
– Compatible with Windows Server and SBS versions (NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2011, etc.).


Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen available in the Crack folder.

download link

Download TeraByte_Drive_Image_Backup_&_Restore_Suite_3.64

Download TeraByte Drive Image Backup_&_Restore Suite 3.52 WinPE x64

Download TeraByte Drive Image Backup_& Restore Suite 3.53 x64 Portable

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Installed version: 409 MB

Portable version: 150 MB

Boot version: 240, 286 and 498 MB

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