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12 Revolutionary Discoveries That Could Change Everything


Course 12 Revolutionary Discoveries That Could Change Everything.. We live in a golden age of scientific advancements and technological advancements. From messenger RNA (mRNA) technology based in COVID-19 vaccines to new research into the biology of lichens to new theories about the inner workings of black holes, the 21st century has given us a new understanding of ourselves, our world. And our world may think of science as a linear process—something is discovered, and that discovery leads to new developments—but new insights occasionally contradict previous beliefs and send us down new paths. In fact, “discoveries that can change everything” are important because they turn conventional wisdom on its head, expand our knowledge, or help us experience the world more deeply. Now, you have the chance to look at 12 of the most fascinating and important scientific advances and paradigm shifts in recent years. 12 groundbreaking, unexpected, consequential, and often unexpected discoveries that could change everything are an inspiring introduction to science in the 21st century. Taught by Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Laura Helmut, these 12 impressive lectures will satisfy even the most curious mind. Laura sets the scene with things we already know—for example, how the solar system formed, how exercise made you lose weight, or what dinosaurs might have looked like. He then examines recent scientific literature to challenge our understanding of the world. Along the way, you’ll meet researchers from around the world, from leaders in their fields to graduate students looking to make their mark on ordinary naturalists with extraordinary abilities. From the chemical composition of ocean particles to how the brain perceives the world, Laura takes you into the fields of neuroscience, botany, paleontology, oceanography, astrophysics, and more. What do textiles have to do with Viking conquests? What does quantum theory have to do with bird migration? Can you really learn in your sleep? 12 revolutionary discoveries that could change everything is rich with stories that will delight scientists and ordinary people.

Address Unconventional Truths About Our Lives: One of the themes running through these revolutionary developments is their potential to optimize human life. For example, Laura explores whether it is possible to learn while sleeping – something that was the stuff of science fiction in previous generations. As it turns out, sleep learning may be possible. In another lesson, he explores the area of ​​weight loss and shares how anthropologists have analyzed the caloric intake of some hunter-gatherer populations to assess how physical activity relates to the calories we burn. The results are counterintuitive, but offer new potential avenues for well-being research. After the 2020 pandemic, we are now familiar with messenger RNA technology, but did you know that this research has been going on for decades? More interestingly, this technology has possibilities beyond respiratory vaccines – revolutionizing the field of infectious diseases in general.

Explore the hidden wonders of the world and the universe: While science offers many avenues for self-improvement, curiosity about the world is an essential ingredient for any scientific mind. Laura takes you to amazing developments that help us better understand the world. You will have the opportunity to explore:

  • The mystery of bioluminescence across the world’s oceans at night.
  • What DNA analysis reveals about the true color of dinosaurs.
  • The mysterious nature of lichen, which is neither fungus nor algae, but something in between.
  • The secrets of the magnetic field and its relation to the brain of birds and more.

What you will learn in the course 12 Revolutionary Discoveries That Could Change Everything

  • Explore the world with scientific discoveries
  • Explore the human body and mind
  • Discover our latest understanding of the world around us
  • Experience the wonders of science, from quantum theory to cosmic creation

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  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • Number of courses: 12

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12 Revolutionary Discoveries That Could Change Everything

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