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Mathematics, Philosophy, and the _Real World_


“Mathematics, Philosophy, and the “Real World, the mathematics and philosophy course is published by The Great Courses Academy. Mathematics has extended its influence far beyond the realm of numbers. Mathematical concepts and methods are important to all cultures and influence the way countless people in all walks of life view the world. Interesting examples like these illustrate the important dialogue between mathematics and philosophy that has flourished throughout history. In fact, mathematics has always helped to determine the direction of western philosophical thinking. Views on human nature, religion, truth, space and time, and many others have been shaped and praised by the ideas and practices of this vital scientific field. Professor Judith Grabner shows you how mathematics has shaped human thought in profound and exciting ways. This series of 36 lectures explores mathematical concepts and methods that can be applied to an interesting range of contexts and experiences. Believing that mathematics should be accessible to every intellectually aware person, Professor Grabner has designed a course that is vibrant and broad, with no prerequisites beyond high school mathematics. For those interested in mathematics, this course is essential to understand its valuable influence on the history of philosophical thought; For those interested in philosophy, Professor Greiner’s course shows how much the field owes to the world of mathematics.

What you will learn

  • Enough basic probability and statistics are introduced to understand the bell curve.
  • Immerse yourself in the key theorems of Euclid’s Principles of Geometry, the 2,200-year-old work that set the standard for logical reasoning.
  • Throughout this course, Professor Graebner shows how these foundational ideas have had a profound impact on other fields.
  • Notably, mathematics contributed to the development of Western philosophy and has guided philosophical thought ever since, a role you explore through The Thinkers.

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Mathematics, Philosophy, and the _Real World_

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