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The Power of Mathematical Visualization


The Power of Mathematical Visualization, a training course on the power of mathematical visualization, is published by TTC Academy. Many people believe that they are not good at math and that their brains are not programmed for mathematical thinking. But just as there are many ways to master the arts and humanities, there are other ways to understand mathematics. One of the most effective methods so far is visualization. If a picture speaks a thousand words, in mathematics a picture can create a thousand ideas. This course teaches you these vital problem-solving skills in a math lesson unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Written by Professor James Tanton of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), these 24 half-hour lectures cover topics in mathematics, algebra, geometry, number theory, probability, statistics, topology, and other fields, all with fascinating connections made in You see, the graphics and projects designed by Professor Tanton are united. As recently quoted in The New Yorker, Dr. Tanton is recognized worldwide for his teacher and student workshops.

When your mind is trained to think about mathematical relationships in terms of visual models like dots and boxes, information begins to accumulate. This is when you really understand math, not just mechanically follow an algorithm or formula you memorized in school. Visual thinking allows you to see the logical steps that lead to an answer and understand the correct solution. During the course, the instructor often illustrates math ideas with activities you can try at home, including poker chips, marbles, strips of paper, and other supplies. Some of them seem downright magical, like the miraculous splitting of a bunch of jelly beans in the last lecture where your method was inspired by a simple folding pattern.

What you will learn

  • Elementary students usually learn a traditional method of long division, which works but can seem abstract. In contrast, the dots and boxes approach is more intuitive and actually explains why the traditional method works.
  • The basic binary system uses only 1’s and 0’s, which is how computers calculate with on/off switches. Playing dots and boxes counts in binary and any other base system, even for fractional bases.
  • The study of polynomials in algebra is, surprisingly, calculus in base x

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Math students at any level want to explore the subject from new visual angles
  • Puzzle and math enthusiasts who love the creative side of math and the endless opportunity for exploration
  • Math teachers who want a 12-hour show full of fun and effective teaching ideas
  • Parents who can help their children with math homework in the best way with a playful attitude.

Course specifications The Power of Mathematical Visualization

  • Publisher: TTC
  • teacher : James S. Tanton
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 24
  • Training duration: 12 hours and 22 minutes

Chapters of The Power of Mathematical Visualization course


The Power of Mathematical Visualization

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