Download the series Capital 4 (episode 1 to 22-last) with HDRip quality

دانلود سریال پایتخت 4


Capital Directed by Siros Moghadam, it is a serial series that was broadcast from Nowruz 1390 on Sima Channel 1. Capital 2 was aired during Nowruz 2013. Capital 3 was broadcast in 2013 and Capital 4 will be broadcast in Ramadan 2014.

We have put capital 4 for download in this post.

Synopsis of the Capital 4 series:

Zan Aristotle (Rahleh) is one of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, who went missing after the crash of this plane. The focus of this collection is based on the events after this incident.

Birth certificate of the Capital 4 series:

Director: Cyrus Moghaddam

producer: Elham Ghafouri

writers: Mohsen Tanabandeh – Khashayar Alvand


Mohsen Tanabandeh
Alireza Khamse
Ahmed Mehranfar
Rima Raminfer
Nasreen Nosrati
Hedayat Hashemi
Sara and Nika Farghani
Homan Haji Abdulahi
Mohammadreza Alimardani
Jamshid Mashayikhi

Filming: Hossein Gholipour – Amir Beshki

Distributor: Channel 1 of Sima

Release dates: Ramadan 1394

period of time: 22 episodes

Country: Mazandaran aquifer and milk tank – China

Language: Farsi

Factors of the Capital 4 series:

Supervisor of writers and actors: Mohsen Tanabandeh

Author: Khashayar Alvand

Cinematography director: Amir Oshoghi

Head of the directing and planning group: Alireza Najafzadeh

Makeup designer: Majid Eskandari

Set and costume designer: Arzoo Ghafouri

First Assistant Director: Saleh Gharbi Javan

Planner: Fahima Kamali

Edited by Khashayar Mohdian

Production manager: Mahmoud Ittiadi

Procurement manager: Arash Salehi and…

Actors of the capital series 4

Actor Character Role
Ahmed Mehranfar Aristotle the agent Naqi’s cousin
Mohsen Tanabandeh normal discharge Aristotle’s cousin
Alireza Khamse Ordinary Panj Ali Naghi’s father
Rima Raminfer Homa Saadat Heser Naghi
Nasreen Nosrati Ordinary Fahima Naghi’s sister
Sara Furqani-asl Ordinary Sarah Naghi’s daughter
Nika Furqani Asl Normal Nika
Homan Haji Abdulahi mercy Friend of Naghi and Aristotle
Mohammadreza Alimardani Bao Election candidate and Naghi’s half brother

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Link to download the series Capital 4:

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download part 3

Download part 4

Download episode 5

Download episode 6

Download episode 7

Download episode 8

Download episode 9

Download episode 10

Download episode 11

Download episode 12

Download episode 13

Download episode 14

Download episode 15

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Download episode 17

Download episode 18

Download episode 19

Download episode 20

Download episode 21

Download episode 22

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Each part is about 200 MB

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