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Exploring Blazor WebAssembly


Exploring Blazor WebAssembly, Blazor WebAssembly framework tutorial published by iamtimcorey. Trying to figure out the latest technology is hard! A new technology comes out and everyone is talking about it. But how do you learn it? You can’t find any good training program. Looking at examples but don’t know where to start. You definitely want to learn Blazor WebAssembly. I am going to teach you five key topics of Blazer Web. But what about the next new thing that comes out? You don’t just need someone to tell you the answer. You need to learn a skill that will prepare you for a coding career. You must learn the essential skill of reading, deconstructing and understanding code.

I want to take you behind the scenes to show you how I learned them. As we go through each component together, you’ll learn how to learn the next new thing. This course covers two things. Initially, this course will teach you five key topics in Blazor WebAssembly, including components, custom CSS, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), localization, and JavaScript Interop (the ability to call JavaScript from C#). This course also teaches you how to learn these topics as if you were learning yourself. It goes through the cycle of identifying an interesting feature in a code sample, figuring out how it works, modifying it to see what it can do, and then creating a sample project to practice what you’ve learned. he does. The result is not only a complete tutorial on Blazor WebAssembly. Based on the skills you have acquired in this course in reading and understanding code, you will be ready to learn new topics.

What you will learn

  • GitHub
  • Custom CSS
  • Localization
  • Azure deployment
  • Read the code
  • Blazer components
  • PWA
  • JavaScript Interop

Exploring Blazor WebAssembly course details

  • Publisher: iamtimcorey (TimCorey)
  • teacher : Tim Corey
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 51
  • Training duration: 6 hours and 15 minutes

Chapters of the Exploring Blazor WebAssembly course


Exploring Blazor WebAssembly

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