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Foundation in C#: Common Syntax


Foundation in C#: Common Syntax is a training course on the basic basics and syntax of the C# programming language, published by the iamtimcorey website. This training course is the second part of a comprehensive ten-part training program that will introduce you to the C# programming language and its various libraries and frameworks in a completely professional and timed manner. In this training course, you will get acquainted with the basic principles of the C# programming language, such as variables, conditional commands, loops, functions, etc., and you will gain valuable skills. The mentioned items are frequently used in almost all C# applications and projects, and a detailed understanding of the mechanisms behind them is essential for understanding and teaching more complex topics and various C# libraries.

What you will learn in Foundation in C#: Common Syntax course:

  • Basic principles of C# programming language
  • Syntax and writing rules of C Sharp
  • Types of variables and data types in C#
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Functions in C#
  • Arrays and lists
  • And…

Course details

Publisher: IAmTimCorey
teacher: Tim Corey
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 13
Training duration: 5 hours and 1 minute

Course headings

Basic Variables
Type Conversion
Sets: Arrays
Sets: Lists
Sets: Dictionary
Loops: for
Loops: foreach

Course images

Foundation in C#: Common Syntax introductory video

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