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TMS Echo


TMS Echo is a Delphi framework for data replication. It is part of the TMS Business product line and relies on TMS Aurelius for functionality. This framework allows you to have two or more databases and synchronize data between them. Changes you make to one customer database (inserts, updates, deletes) can be sent to another database. It’s bidirectional, so you can send and receive changes between databases. TMS Echo creates a log of all changes made to a database (using TMS Aurelius) and, upon request, sends those changes to other nodes (databases) registered to receive changes from a database. he does. Thanks to its reliance on TMS Aurelius, it works very smoothly and almost automatically, as it takes advantage of existing information and mechanisms such as logging, mapping, model information, etc. TMS Echo is great if you want to distribute your databases so you don’t need to connect directly to a central database to run your application. It stores the data in a local database and synchronizes the data with the central database when needed.


Installation guide

Run the tmsinstaller.exe file from the setup folder and install the software.

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Download TMS Echo 1.10.1

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