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Vico Office is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of estimating and measuring models designed in BIM software. In fact, with the help of this software, you can subject your simulation models to advanced analysis. Coordination and planning for your models is one of the other main uses of this product. Using this software also allows you to make the best decisions about new functions, fixed functions and known topics and get better results than before.

You will also get more details of your model and design using Vico Office software. On the other hand, you can even share the BIM data generated in the environment of this software with the users of other software with the help of the Publish to Connect feature. The support of this software from most of the BIM software has also made it possible for users to use this product easily. Your data and information are also provided to you in a user-friendly environment. So that you will achieve the best productivity in the estimation of designed maps.

Other features of this product include support for the latest versions of IFC. This allows you to import advanced parameters such as IFC files. This software allows users to gain better insight into the map and construction information of the simulated model.

Features and features of Vico Office software:

  • Estimating and measuring the model information of BIM construction drawings
  • Coordination and planning for more productivity of your data
  • Using advanced and practical tools in analysis
  • Ability to share BIM data with users of other software
  • Support for the latest BIM software such as Tekla and ArchiCAD
  • Support of the latest versions of IFC and its advanced parameters
  • And…

required system

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 7

Recommended hardware
Memory: Minimum 8 GB
Disk space: Full installation: Minimum of 10 GB of free disk space
Video card: A high-end OpenGL card with at least 512 MB onboard video memory (ATI or NVIDIA)

Compatible software with v6.8:

ARCHICAD 21-22-23

Revit 2018-2019-2020

Tekla 2017-2017i-2018-2018i-2019


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Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Any questions or problems only through the department Contact us bring up

Price of v6.8 x64 is 78 Euro for 2 PCs; Other Payment Method

Download Trimble Vico Office 4.7 MR1

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