Download Udacity – Data Streaming Nanodegree 2021-8

Download Udacity - Data Streaming Nanodegree 2021-8


Data Streaming Nanodegree, course Dataflow is published by Udacity Academy. Learn how real time Analyze data using Apache Kafka and Spark and build applications for live data processing at scale. Real-time data processing by creating modern data engineering tools, such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Kafka Streaming. Graduates of this course can aUnderstand the components of data flow systems. Real-time data ingestion using Apache Kafka and Spark and performance analysis. Use Python’s Faust Stream Processing library to build a real-time stream-based application. Incorporate real-time data and perform live analytics, as well as extract information from reports generated by the streaming console. You will learn the Kafka ecosystem and the types of problems and solutions it is designed for.

You use the Confluent Kafka Python library for simple thread management, generation and consumption. Explain the Spark Streaming components (architecture and API), integrate Spark Structure Streaming and Apache Kafka, manipulate data using Spark, and read databases in the Spark Streaming console.This course consists of 2 projects. Each project you create will be an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in this course and show potential employers that you are skilled in these areas. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate knowledge of the tools taught including Kafka Consumers, Producers and Topics, Kafka Connection Sources and Sinks, Kafka REST Proxy for data generation.

What you will learn

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Software engineers looking to develop real-time data processing skills
  • Data engineers looking to upgrade their skills to keep up with developments in data engineering.

Specifications of the Data Streaming Nanodegree course

Chapters of the Data Streaming Nanodegree course

Welcome to the Data Streaming Nanodegree Program
Lesson 01: Data Streaming Nanodegree Program Introduction
Lesson 02: Introduction to Data Streaming
Lesson 03: Nanodegree Career Services

Data Ingestion with Kafka & Kafka Streaming
Lesson 01: Introduction to Stream Processing
Lesson 02: Apache Kafka
Lesson 03: Data Schemas and Apache Avro
Lesson 04: Kafka Connect and REST Proxy
Lesson 05: Stream Processing Fundamentals
Lesson 06: Stream Processing with Faust
Lesson 07: KSQL
Lesson 08: Optimizing Public Transportation
Lesson 09: Optimize Your GitHub Profile

Apache Spark and Spark Streaming
Lesson 01: The Power of Spark
Lesson 02: Data Wrangling with Spark
Lesson 03: Intro to Spark Streaming
Lesson 04: Structured Streaming APIs
Lesson 05: Integration of Spark Streaming and Kafka
Lesson 06: SF Crime Statistics with Spark Streaming
Lesson 07: Take 30 Min to Improve your LinkedIn

Course prerequisites

  • Intermediate SQL, and Python. And experience with ETL.
  • Basic familiarity with traditional batch processing and traditional service architectures is desired, but not required.


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Installation guide

In order to view the courses of the course in an organized and regular way, run the index.html file and run the videos through this file.

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