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2022 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass


2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass is a training course on data analysis and visualization with the Python programming language published by Udemy Academy. Python is a high-level and multi-purpose programming language that is used in various industries and fields and various frameworks are built on it. Data analysis and visualization can be mentioned among the most important specialized applications of Python. Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn are among the most important Python libraries and frameworks in the field of data analysis. Data science is one of the basic and very important sciences that is used in many technology-oriented industries and fields such as machine learning, deep learning, economic analysis, web application development, etc.

The instructor of the course has used his utmost effort and creativity so that the videos of this training course are short and compact and their duration does not exceed 15 minutes. After the end of each educational topic, you will face a set of exercises and targeted problems, the solution of which plays a very important role in the deep understanding of the material. The educational process of the course is completely project-oriented and you will work on real data sets such as Amazon’s best-selling products, stock prices in different time periods, historical Bitcoin data, etc. Visualization and graphic drawing of the data in the form of different graphs will be carried out simultaneously with other topics of the course, and the user will show the results at the same time as the data analysis.

What you will learn in the 2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass:

  • Series and dataframesDataframes) in Pandas
  • Illustrating information and making various graphic diagrams with Seaborn
  • Analysis of real data sets in various fields such as stock prices, sales volume, etc.
  • Drawing different graphs with the Matplot library (Matplotlib)
  • Various techniques for organizing, filtering, cleaning, condensing and analyzing data frames
  • Indexing Hierarchy (Hierarchical Indexing)
  • Integration of different information sets with the library Pandas
  • Making all kinds of information plots

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
Lecturer: Colt Steele
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 202
Training duration: 20 hours and 29 minutes

Course headings

Prerequisites for the 2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass

Basic Python Knowledge (variables, conditionals, etc.)

Course images

2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass

Introduction video of the 2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass course

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The version of 2023/4 compared to 2021/12 has increased the number of 3 lessons and the duration of 16 minutes.

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