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Download Udemy - Advanced Excel


Advanced Excel – Top Excel Tips & Formulas is an advanced Excel software training course published by Udemy Academy. Many users of Excel software are not aware of the features and key formulas of this software. The existence of courses with many headings and extensive Excel exercises can cause confusion for users. This training course will help you to get to know the most advanced tools and formulas of Excel software and reach an advanced level in this software, save time and solve complex problems.
This tutorial, using Excel 2010 and providing demo workbooks of the instructor, provides the possibility of practice and practical work at the same time as the tutorial, and offers two video and PDF versions containing 90 pages of tips and formulas, which you can use every Use either or both for training.

What you will learn in Advanced Excel – Top Excel Tips & Formulas course:

  • Solving complex problems in Excel
  • Using the right tool for every task and problem in Excel
  • New methods and formulas to do things faster and better in Excel
  • Reducing the complexity of Excel spreadsheets

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Leila Gharani
English language
Training level: advanced
Number of courses: 41
Training duration: 7 hours and 8 minutes

Course headings


You have basic Microsoft Excel knowledge

You are able to write basic formulas and are familiar with the Excel spreadsheet environment

Demonstration is done using Excel 2010. However, the focus of this training is to teach you new methods of doing things which you can do regardless of the Excel version you have.

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Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas

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