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Advanced Sketchup Pro 2021- 2022


Advanced Sketchup Pro is a 3D and professional design training course with Sketchup Pro software, published by Udemy Academy. In this training course, you will get familiar with dynamic or dynamic components in a completely specialized way. This training course contains a series of scattered topics and is designed in a modular way. In this regard, students can delete parts of the course and listen only to the parts they need and want. Among the most important topics raised in this training course, we can mention the commands and console commands of the SketchUp software, animation and animation of dynamic and dynamic components, etc. This training course is completely project-oriented and practical, and several examples and small mini-projects will be presented along with each topic.

Drawing different objects and objects and drawing them in a 3D environment, various editing and modification tools of SketchUp software, drawing and drawing different objects using a ready image, etc. are among the most important skills in this You will learn a training course. Interior design is one of the most important capabilities and work areas of SketchUp software. In the interior design section of the building, you will test your skills and background knowledge in various software such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Revit.

What you will learn in the Advanced Sketchup Pro 2021-2022 training course:

  • Modeling and drawing 3D objects
  • Initial installation of a project in the SketchUp environment
  • Build and create 3D models from an image
  • Animating and animating various components
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Amardeep Singh
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 73
Training duration: 21 hours and 14 minutes

Course headings

Advanced Sketchup Pro course prerequisites 2021-2022

A working copy of SketchUp software.

Course images

Advanced Sketchup Pro 2021-2022

Advanced Sketchup Pro course introduction video 2021-2022

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