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Advanced TCP_IP Socket Programming in C_C++ ( Posix )


Advanced TCP/IP Socket Programming in C/C++ (Posix), the advanced TCP/IP socket programming course in C/C++ (Posix) has been published by Udemy Academy. Welcome to this TCP/IP socket programming course. Unlike other courses, this is an advanced socket programming course. This course assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of socket programming and now want to take it to the next level. This course is about how to use TCP/IP socket programming in industry to solve complex network problems. We’ll go beyond simple implementations of client/server applications available across the Internet (Advanced Course) Course Objectives You’ll learn to implement a typical complex socket-based application that is heavily related to thread management. We do not use any third party libraries. Everything is made from scratch. The emphasis of this course is on logistics and concepts instead of programming language. You must be able to complete this course in your preferred programming language – Java/Python etc.

What you will learn

  • Advanced TCP socket programming
  • Creating circular byte buffers
  • Determining TCP message boundaries
  • Creating multi-threaded TCP clients
  • Develop TCP server socket library in C++

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Warning: Not for absolute programming beginners
  • Those who want to improve their programming skills from beginner to professional level
  • Final year students looking to ground interview questions in OS and multi-disciplinary concepts

Advanced TCP/IP Socket Programming in C/C++ (Posix) course specifications

Chapters of Advanced TCP/IP Socket Programming in C/C++ (Posix)

Course prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Basic Socket Programming
  • Basic Multi-threading Concepts
  • C or C++ in preferable, but if your fav language is any other mainstream language then also it is ok. Borrow the concepts and implement it in your favorite language.
  • Github Account
  • Zeal to learn and excel – beyond what Crowd is doing (DS/ALGO/CP) basic data structures such as Linked-List.


Advanced TCP_IP Socket Programming in C_C++ (Posix)

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