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Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 - Build a portfolio


Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 course – Build a portfolio. This course provides an excellent introduction to the real-world Android concepts and skills needed to be a successful Android developer in 2023. Whether you are a complete beginner or have programming experience with other languages, this course can be suitable for you. This training course will go from setting up and installing Android Studio to creating an application. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the main important aspects of Android application development. Many Android courses teach several concepts separately. For example, you may see a section on Java separate from the rest of the Android section. But Android doesn’t work like that! Android/Java/XML are all tightly intertwined. In this course, you will learn what you need to know, the moment you need to know it! Whether you’re working with layout files or programming in Java, you can be sure that key concepts from variables, classes, and methods to inheritance, interfaces, and more will be introduced to you at the right moment. This course is for you if:

  • Do you want to build an Android application?
  • You are interested in becoming an Android developer, a freelancer, launching your own projects.
  • You have no previous programming experience or experience
  • You want a course that combines the tools that Android developers and professionals use in the real world, in an integrated curriculum that gives you an in-depth understanding of all the key concepts that an Android developer needs to know to have a successful career. to teach

Regarding what you need to participate in this course, pay attention to the following two points:

  • Absolutely zero programming experience is required (although if you have some that’s fine!) – you’ll be taught everything you need to know from the start.
  • You need a computer, either PC (Windows) or Mac, with an internet connection

What you will learn in Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 – Build a portfolio

  • Learn Android 14 app development and become a professional Android developer, freelance or create your dream app idea.

  • Create beautiful, professional Android apps

  • Go from a complete beginner – even with no prior programming experience – to a true Android developer

  • Change your career and get a job as an android developer

  • Build Android applications that work correctly and as expected

  • Learn Java and Kotlin

This course is suitable for people who

  • Even if you have no previous experience in programming, become a complete beginner in Android app development
  • Anyone who wants to build Android apps or become an Android developer
  • Students who want to be taught by a senior Android engineer and fully qualified teacher and want to have a deep understanding of Android application development.

Course specifications Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 – Build a portfolio

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher: Vin Norman
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 32 hours and 20 minutes
  • Number of courses: 190

Course topics on 1/2024

Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 course prerequisites – Build a portfolio

  • A Windows PC or Mac with access to the internet
  • No programming experience required at all – complete beginner-friendly
  • Basic computer proficiency is an advantage, including basics like copying and pasting

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Android 14 App Development Bootcamp 2023 - Build a portfolio

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