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Android App Hacking - Black Belt Edition


Android App Hacking – Black Belt Edition It is a training course on hacking and infiltrating Android applications published by Udemy Academy. The security of Android applications is one of the topics discussed in the world of security, and in this training course you will get to know Android hacking and hacking techniques in a completely professional manner. In the first part of this training course, you will get to know different setups and types of smartphones. Each of these setups has unique strengths and weaknesses that will be explained. Unlocking Android phones, working with various features of Android-based smartphones, analyzing various Bluetooth connections, working with the Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool, etc. are among the most important topics that will be discussed in this section.

In the second part, you will get familiar with the components of an Android application. Analyzing AndroidManifest.xml file and checking different activities are among the most important topics discussed in this section.

What you will learn in Android App Hacking – Black Belt Edition training course:

  • Getting to know the general structure of Android applications
  • Injection into the database (SQL injection)
  • BroadcastReceiver in Android
  • Bypassing Certificate Pinning and Rooting Detection security mechanism in Android
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Analyzing and providing access to the network traffic of an Android app
  • All types of Java and C++ methods in Android phones
  • Write and read SMALI codes
  • Android game modding
  • Analysis of different Bluetooth connections
  • All kinds of encryption methods and techniques in Android phones and apps
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Roman Stuehler
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 127
Training duration: 50 hours and 59 minutes

Course topics on 5/2023

Android App Hacking Course Prerequisites – Black Belt Edition

  • Android knowledge is not required (This course teaches everything)
  • No real smartphone required
  • Laptop / PC

Course images

Android App Hacking - Black Belt Edition

Android App Hacking course introduction video – Black Belt Edition

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Version 2022/9 compared to 2022/7, the duration has decreased by 3 minutes. Also, new (APK) files have been added to the course.

Version 2022/10 has not changed in the number of lessons and time compared to 2022/9, but new JavaScript (js.) and (apk.) files for Android 12 have been added to the course.

Version 2023/1 has increased by 3 minutes compared to 2022/10.

download link

Download part 1 – 5 GB

Download part 2 – 5 GB

Download part 3 – 5 GB

Download part 4-5 GB

Download part 5 – 5 GB

Download part 6 – 5 GB

Download part 7 – 5 GB

Download part 8 – 5 GB

Download part 9 – 2.58 GB

Download new JavaScript and APK files for Android 12 separately

Password file(s):


42.5 GB

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