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Angular Material In Depth (Angular 14)


Angular Material In Depth course (Angular 14). In this course we are going to build a sample Angular application from scratch using Angular Material. First, we’ll set up the app’s menu structure, and then we’ll display some data on the screen using regular container components, such as tabbed containers, and apply some Material Design principles. Then we’ll learn how to use some of the most commonly needed form controls, such as inputs and text areas, date pickers, drop-down lists, radio buttons and checkboxes, and other common form components. We will build a complex form using Angular Material and show how to correctly display form control errors. We then learn how to use the Material Data Table component to display tabular data, including how to validate in-place editable tables and expandable table rows. We show how to paginate the data in the data table and display a loading indicator to the user when the data is loaded. We’ll also go into detail about a very commonly used feature that is dialogs, discuss when to use them and when not to use them, and talk about some useful best practices. We’ll then cover some of the most advanced components in the Angular Material suite, including powerful drag-and-drop features, Angular Material’s responsive design capabilities, and detail how to use the Material Tree component. We’ll learn how to handle large amounts of data using virtual navigation, and we’ll finish the course by learning how to create our own custom themes.

What you will learn in Angular Material In Depth (Angular 14) course

  • Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files in each section

  • Learn how to use the Angular Material Library

  • Learn how to design responsive applications with Angular Material

  • Learn how to set up your Angular Material app’s navigation menu

  • Learn how to use the most commonly needed Angular Material Form widgets

  • Master the angular material data table, learn pagination, sorting and server side filtering

  • Learn how to build custom Angular Material dialogs

  • Learn how to build a custom Angular Material theme

  • Learn the Angular Material Tree component, Virtual Scrolling and other advanced components

This course is suitable for people who

  • Developers looking to gain in-depth knowledge of the Angular Material library

Angular Material In Depth course specifications (Angular 14)

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Angular University
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 6 hours and 21 minutes
  • Number of courses: 44

Course topics Angular Material In Depth (Angular 14) on 11/2023

Angular Material In Depth course prerequisites (Angular 14)

  • Just some previous knowledge of Angular and Typescript

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Angular Material In Depth (Angular 14)

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