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Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration


Apache Kafka Series – Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration, Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration training course is published by Udemy Academy. Attention all system administrators, architects or even developers! Here we discuss how to set up and deploy Apache Kafka in cluster mode. This course is taught by Stephen Marik, Udemy’s best-selling developer on Apache Kafka and Big Data. This course is designed for system administrators, architects and developers. This program includes a step-by-step guide for installing ZooKeeper and a Kafka cluster. Practical training is also provided in the Kafka office. This course features Amazon Web Services for our cloud environment, which is used by many companies around the world. Knowledge of AWS is a prerequisite.

In this article, we will review ZooKeeper, its architecture, its role in Apache Kafka, and how to launch, install, and configure it on different devices. This course shows exactly how your Kafka cluster should be set up and configured on different devices. We will start by understanding the basics of Kafka, cluster size and configuration. We will also provide hands-on training on AWS Setup, Single Broker Setup, Multi Broker Setup, Test Cluster, Kafka Manager (Cluster Management), etc. agent) and so on. You’ll work on learning how to run Kafka in production on AWS, how to change the Kafka broker configuration, and we’ll cover advanced Kafka configurations.

What you will learn

  • Setting up a Zookeeper and Kafka cluster on three machines in AWS
  • Learn how to deploy Kafka in production and understand the target architecture for clusters on AWS
  • Setting up Zookeeper cluster, learning its role for Kafka and its usage
  • Setting up Kafka in cluster mode with 3 intermediaries including configuration, usage and maintenance
  • Shutting down and restoring Kafka brokers, to fix their common problems
  • Configure the Kafka cluster with production settings and optimizations for better performance based on your workload.
  • Setting up web management tools using Docker: ZooNavigator, Kafka Manager, Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent REST Proxy, Landoop Kafka Topics UI
  • Managing Kafka using Kafka Manager

Who is this course suitable for?

  • System administrators or architects who like to learn or set up a Kafka cluster on multiple servers
  • Developers who want to deeply understand the Kafka setup
  • This course is designed for professional students and should not be taken until all prerequisites have been met.

Apache Kafka Series Course Details – Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration

At the beginning of the course seasons on 2023-6

Course prerequisites

  • Strong knowledge on Computers, Servers and Networking
  • Strong knowledge of Linux commands, we will use Ubuntu 16.04
  • Good knowledge of AWS, we will use it as our cloud provider
  • Good knowledge of Apache Kafka
  • An AWS account and a budget to set up the required machines for the course


Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration

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